Anirudh Kamath

Aspiring NBA legend, CS student by day

Basic Stats:

Education: Northeastern University (2017-2022)
Major: Computer Science/Business Combined Major
Concentration: Strategy/Entrepreneurship
Location: Boston, MA
Shoots: Right
Important Notes: Spent some time overseas in Thessaloniki, Greece studying abroad at the American College of Thessaloniki for the fall of 2017.

Raised in North Carolina, Anirudh resides in Boston and aspires to have his #26 jersey retired by the Celtics one day. Although he spends much more time playing 2K and tinkering on his computer than he actually spends on the court, he has the heart of Russell Westbrook. Kamath is also a walking triple-double, having dual skills in three distinct fields: he has studied both Latin and Sanskrit, can perform analytics in both Python and R, and has working experience in both business administration and computer science.

Career History

Apple, Inc.

Team: Health Special Projects
Timespan: May 2020-September 2020
Location: Cupertino, CA

Anirudh's most recent free agency signing! Sources tell ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski that he will be working in Cupertino as a back-end engineer. More details to come.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Team: NAMR Marketing
Timespan: July 2019-December 2019
Location: Boston, MA

Anirudh's first venture into a more business development-focused job, as opposed to a tech-centered position. Here, he used the business portion of his combined major. While at BCG, he:

  • Engaged with fashion client on case-team consulting underserved communities in Boston.

  • Analyzed 100k historical global marketing campaigns to measure effectiveness of events in increasing engagement with current/target clients

  • Used Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA)for topic modelling of articles, then added user data for an article recommendation engine based on article-article relevancy and user-article propensity

  • Setup Selenium scripts in Python to automate repetitive, distributed data entry into the content management system (CMS).

  • Created ETLs to sync various background information sites (LinkedIn, Bloomberg, Crunchbase, Owler, etc.) with company CRM.

Rock Ventures

Team: Special Projects
Timespan: August 2018-July 2019
Location: Detroit, MI (Working remote from Boston)

While the special projects team encompasses work across Dan Gilbert's portfolio of companies, including companies like StockX, the Cleveland Cavaliers,, and others, Anirudh was responsible for work primarily related to StockX. While here, he:

  • Developed a disentangled variational autoencoder (β-VAE) on images of sneakers and streetwear for purposes of correlating latent vectors to sales metrics. With this technology, fashion trends can be broken down into matrices that can be decomposed to analyze things like effects of brand on "willing-to-pay" price points and price changes based on small fluctuations in product appearance.

  • Implemented a Mask R-CNN based model that can segment a picture of a person into distinct top, bottom, and shoe images from the user's outfit. Using these segmented images, the model can recommend similar clothing based on perceived user preferences. The model weighs recommendations based on convolutional autoencoder similarity to other products in the catalog, then filters by color and brand matching.

  • Scored a signed basketball from Kyrie Irving. Turns out the owner of the Cavs is kind of a homie


Team: Business Analytics/Intelligence
Timespan: May 2018-August 2018
Location: Detroit, MI

Kamath's rookie season in the American workforce. After being drafted by the dope sneaker reselling company, he:

  • Built an optimal route algorithm for product authentication via weighted graph modeling of buyer, seller, and authentication points

  • Provided analyses to supply chain for various potential new authentication centers through geographical order clustering, prediction models of shipping costs/times, and talent opportunity in the area

  • Clustered users based on volume of items bought/sold on the site to determine return/rewards for power sellers/buyers

  • Assisted in production of Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) model to determine return on investment for social media advertising

Projects and Awards


Latent Vector Disentanglement for Quantification of Consumer Satisfaction
  • RISE Finalist - Top 20 highest-impact research out of 400+ undergraduate and graduate research projects at Northeastern University research fair
  • Data Initiative Focus Award (Inaugural Award) - presented to the research project at RISE with the best analytics methods


Tri-Fi: Trilateral Network Analysis for Confined Location Tracking
  • Presented at PennApps XVI

Ensemble Models to Improve Diabetic Retinopathy Screenings
  • US Army Silver Medal
  • Intel Excellence in Computer Science

Counteract: Responding to Harmful Tweets via RNNs and Markov Chains
  • Technology Students Association Software Dev National Finalist
  • United Nations Unite for Humanity Grand Award

Gllass: Vectorized Tag-Based Like Prediction on Instagram
  • Just for fun

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